Bring your dream remodeling project to life with our vast industry knowledge and 10+ years’ experience specializing in interior renovations and exterior renovations, including luxury kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling and additions. With each renovation, we make the experience positive and stress-free, from selecting flooring and cabinetry, to making the installation process smooth from beginning to end.

Kitchen Renovations

Could your kitchen benefit from new cabinets or countertops? At Ridge Cabinetry, we work with you throughout the entire remodeling process, from design to installation. Our renovation team and designers are more than qualified to help you rejuvenate your cooking space.

Bathroom renovations

Ridge Renovations helps homeowners in Michigan feel great about their bathrooms! Our experts are skilled craftsman and will help you find more space or storage in half baths and full baths or update, brighten and beautify master bathrooms and guest bathrooms.


flooring installation

The best way to protect your new floor investment is professional flooring installation. The process ensures your peace of mind and the proper function of your floors. No matter which material you choose, this is always your best option.

demo and haul away

In with the new, you have to be out with the old.  Ridge Renovations light demo and hauling services can make
that happen.  We can provide a crew that has the skills to quickly and efficiently remove and haul away what you
need from the home to start remodeling. This includes flooring as well as wall-mounted objects, and even the
walls themselves.

Let’s Build Something Together

Ridge Renovations is a full-service kitchen and bath renovation company whose focus is providing homeowners comfort, trust, and satisfaction in knowing that their remodeling project will be done the first time correctly.
What is your process?
  • Initial Meetings – A primary in-home consultation to get a sense of the scope of the project and if we are the right fit for one another.
  • Site Evaluation/Project Space Measure – Measurement of the current space to determine what work will need to be done. This will likely be done at the initial meeting if it is at your home/project location.
  • Preliminary Design Phase – Detailed computer-aided designs drawn up for review.
  • Design & Budget Overview – Project overview, tentative design, and project budget determined.
  • Final Design Development Phase – Modifying proposal as needed.
  • Construction Agreement & Deposit – Setting construction agreement and putting down deposit.
  • Project Selection Finalization – Finalization on hardware and finishes, as well as schedule.
  • Pre-Construction Meeting – Meeting to review contract and schedule.
  • Start of Construction – Beginning of demolition and construction.
Will remodeling increase the value of my home?

Remodeling is important to your quality of life, but it’s smart to consider the value that it can also add to your home. Kitchen renovations and bathroom remodeling are both known for showing a return on investment, but there are multiple factors to consider when calculating your home’s value and a project’s worth. Call us to arrange an estimate so that you can start considering your options and make an informed decision.

What jobs won't you take on?

We don’t rule anything out! Depending on our schedule and skillset, we’re open to any renovations project.

How long should my project take?

The length of a project will vary depending on the scope of work, but we can give an idea of duration early in design. All of our construction agreements include an approximate start date and completion date during our design/build process.

Do I have to worry about permits?

Ridge Renovations will file for all of your construction permits.

Are you licensed and insured

We are fully licensed and insured.

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