Which kitchen countertops option is best to make your space irresistible

Mar 7, 2023

Choosing a countertop can be just as difficult as choosing your cabinetry! Before splurging on such a big update, take some time to read a little more about the material. Consider your lifestyle, budget and how long you need them to last.

The Top 4 Most Popular Countertop Materials





All of these are popular for a reason, let’s dive into the pros and cons!

white shaker kitchen with quartz countertop
Quartz –  Quartz is a man made engineered surface largely composed of natural quartz and granite particles which makes up about 90% of the counter material. This substance is then paired with resins and polymers (as well as pigments, in some cases) to create a molded surface.


– Easy maintenance with no sealing required

– Uniform slabs with no imperfections

– Can be custom fabricated to any size and shape

– Resistant to stains

– Impervious to acid

– Naturally antimicrobial


– Very heavy in weight

– edges and corners can chip easily and must be repaired professionally

– noticeable seams in joined areas

– not as heat resistant as granite

Budget Type: High

Gray shaker vanity with marble countertop
Marble – A stunning natural stone that is entirely unique to each home.


– Waterproof and heatproof

– Adds real estate value to home

– Unique veining in each slab

– Will not yellow due to heat


– Can be scratched easily and difficult to repair

– Porous stone which stains easily and difficult to remove

– Needs to be sealed every few years

– Not sturdy enough for kitchens; heavy pots may chip or break off the slab

Budget Type: High

White shaker kitchen with granite countertop
Granite – A purely natural stone that is sourced directly from stone quarries, defined by its elegance and timeless luxurious appearance. 


– Can withstand very high heat temperatures

– Strong and durable

– Close to maintenance free (only needs to be treated with sealants)

– Resistant to cuts, scratches and stains (when cleaned quickly)


– Imperfections present due to the nature of natural stone

– Prone to cracks if stressed or not installed correctly

– Requires sealing to avoid permanent stains

– If you cut on the surface it may dull your knife

– Edges and corners can chip and must be professionally repaired or buffed

Budget Type: Mid to high

Kitchen with beige laminate countertop
Laminate – Plastic coated synthetics made with laminate sheets and particleboard (MDF) core.


– Easy and low maintenance

– Thousands of pattern options available

– Durable against heat and stains

– One of the cheapest options available for countertops


– Cutting directly on it permanently damages the surface

– May not add any perceived value to home

– Any damage is almost impossible to repair

Budget Type: Low-mid